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The role of fiber optic transceivers

Fiber optic transceivers are typically used in real-world network environments where Ethernet cables cannot be covered and fiber must be used to extend the transmission distance. They also play a huge role in helping to connect the last mile of the fiber to the metro and beyond. The role. With fiber optic transceivers, there is also a need to upgrade the system from copper to fiber, providing an inexpensive solution for users who lack capital, manpower or time. The function of the optical transceiver is to convert the electrical signal we want to transmit into an optical signal and send it out. At the same time, we can convert the received optical signal into an electrical signal and input it to our receiving end.

fiber to ethernet converter
fiber to ethernet converter


Nature classification

Single mode fiber optic transceiver: transmission distance 20 km to 120 km

Multimode fiber optic transceiver: transmission distance 2 km to 5 km

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