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Optical module product status

As the 5G deployment process accelerates, operators begin to plan and start the construction of 5G bearer networks. 5G puts higher requirements on the bandwidth, delay, synchronization, reliability, and flexibility of the bearer network, and faces the problem of high data transmission rate, high bandwidth, and high reliability. In order to meet the new demands and challenges in 5G deployment and better serve the 5G data transmission, Opticking integrates R&D resources, and has developed and designed with the latest 100G BER tester and optical oscilloscope and other sophisticated equipment, and a strong R&D team. High-speed optical modules of 25G (SFP28 SR, SFP28 LR, SFP28 BIDI) and 100G (QSFP28 SR4, QSFP28 LR4, QSFP28 CWDM4) have been CE certified. In order to better cope with the differential demand of 5G data transmission and provide customers with more comprehensive services, Opticking is constantly expanding and improving the product development of high-speed optical modules, and is carrying out higher speed, lower cost and longer transmission distance. Better product development and verification.

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