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ECOC 2019 Ou Bokai is fully loaded

The 45th European Fiber Optic Communications Exhibition kicked off in Dublin, Ireland. Here, we hope to discuss 5G communication with optical correspondents around the world. In this exhibition, Ou Bokai will bring a full range of 10G/25G/100G optical modules, AOC cables, MPO/MTP and other products to showcase the high-quality optical communication products and R&D strength of Obokai, thus providing more economical equipment and operators. A customized optical module solution that is stable, energy-efficient, efficient, and adaptable to various sub-application scenarios.

During the exhibition, Ou Bokai's booth attracted the attention of many customers. For the questions raised by the exhibitors, the company's sales and technical staff were patiently answered, and the payment will always be rewarded. Finally, there are dozens of customers who agree to the sample.

In the next step, Ou Bokai will rely on excellent supply and manufacturing platforms, higher speed, lower power consumption... to provide customers with one-stop optical module products and services. In order to become an international excellent optical module supplier, Oberhae never stops.

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