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10G Ethernet optical interface and its implementation

As a major upgrade of traditional Ethernet technology, 10G Ethernet has increased the transmission rate by 10 times and the transmission distance has been greatly increased on the basis of the original Gigabit Ethernet. The limitations have allowed Ethernet to extend to metro and wide area networks. The advantage of 10G Ethernet is that it retains the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Media Access Control (MAC) protocol, keeping the frame format of the Ethernet unchanged. 10G Ethernet has the following features: it only works in full-duplex mode; it adds a wide area network interface sub-layer (WIS) to achieve seamless connection with SDH. 10G Ethernet technology is applicable to various network structures, which can reduce the complexity of the network. It can easily and economically construct networks of various speeds, meet the needs of large-capacity transmission of backbone networks, and solve the "bottleneck" problem of metropolitan area transmission.

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